Wednesday 4 December

  • 09.00 h. Security Stack
  • 10.30 h. Break
  • 11.00 h. Security Stack
  • 11.30 h.Contribute to the FIWARE community – GitHub Repository / Issues / Data models
  • 12.00 h. Deploying FIWARE Ready test enviroment
  • 12.30 h. Validating process FIWARE Ready and Powered by FIWARE
  • 13.30 h. Lunch
  • 14.30 h. How to Design and sell a FIWARE solution
  • 15.30 h. Hands-on excercises
  • 18.30 h. End of the session
  • 19.00 to 21.00 h. Visit to the Malaga Museum
  • 21.00 to 23.00 h. Cocktail on Terraza de la Aduana.

Malaga Museum

The Malaga Museum, open to the public at the Customs Palace since December 2016, has a history marked by the city’s claim to create this space since 1916.

The collection is developed through an exhibition discourse capable of coherently relating art and archeology collections and articulating them in the building and the combination of several spaces, which include a visitable warehouse and the use of its central courtyard.

The visitor can enjoy more than 15,000 archaeological pieces and 2,000 references of Fine Arts, highlighting works by Picasso, Sorolla and Madrazo, among others.

La Terraza de la Aduana

Ubicada en la planta superior del Museo de Málaga, su ubicación no podría ser más privilegiada, pues La Terraza cuenta con una de las vistas más formidables de la Alcazaba malagueña.

La parte gastronómica, por su parte, cuenta con una oferta con la que el comensal se siente cerca de la provincia tanto en sus productos como en sus recetas.