Tuesday 3 December

  • 09.00 h. Data persistence: CYGNUS + DRACO
  • 09.30 h. Data persistence: STH, CKAN, DBs, COSMOS
  • 10.30 h. Break
  • 11.00 h. Data persistence: Quantum Leaps
  • 11.30 h. Data persistence: Practice
  • 12.30 h. Dashboards: Wirecloud
  • 13.30 h. Lunch
  • 14.30 h. Practical example of Robotics IoT Agent
  • 15.30 h. Data models: Smart Cities / Smart AGRO / Industry / Robotics
  • 16.30 h. Use cases: Smart Cities / Smart Agro / Robotics
  • 18.30 h. End of the session
  • 19.00 to 20:30 h. . Visit to the city of Málaga: main streets, and Casa Natal Picasso Museum.
  • 20.30 to 23.00 h. Dinner at El Pimpi restaurant.

Casa Natal Picasso Museum

In addition to being the place where the illustrious artist was born, the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation has managed to gather in this space a collection of works of art composed of more than four thousand pieces by more than 200 different artists.

Among the pieces of art of the Foundation, the Picasso preparatory drawings notebook stands out for his work ” Las señoritas de Aviñón “, the only presence of this type of sketches, made in 1907, in Spanish collections.


El Pimpi

Founded in 1971, El Pimpi is located in an old mansion in Malaga from the 18th century and is one of the most traditional wineries in Malaga, where it is possible to enjoy local cuisine and local wines but, above all, the tradition and culture of southern Spain. His name refers to the figure of “Pimpi”, a popular character from Malaga who helped the crews and passengers of the ships that arrived at the port of the city.