FIWARE ZONE is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía) and Telefónica to support and promote intelligent solutions in different sectors of the economy and development such as SmartCities, Industry 4.0. or Smartagrifood.

FIWARE Zone is constituted as the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of Andalusia to promote the digitization and transformation of companies through technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and artificial intelligence with FIWARE as connector of these. Due to its public-private character, FIWARE Zone is a non-profit initiative.

To achieve this, training actions in reference technologies are carried out, companies and entrepreneurs are provided with a development environment as well as testing and access to a data bank and help is given to promote FIWARE technology as a European standard, promoted by the European Commission and aligned with the Andalusia Smart 2020 strategy. FIWARE technology as a modular platform allows us to use different technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

FIWARE Zone is based on the European FIWARE standard, promoted within the EU and aligned with the Andalusia Smart 2020 strategy. FIWARE technology as a modular platform allows us to use different technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, etc..

The Junta de Andalucía and Telefónica lead this initiative, belonging to it all those institutions, companies and individuals interested in knowing and participating in FIWARE Zone through integration programs and collaboration with universities, business clusters, technology parks, entrepreneurs, public administrations, etc..

FIWARE Zone, in addition to being a DIH, is also recognized as a FIWARE iHub by the FIWARE Foundation, which guarantees having the experience and resources necessary to develop the activities and services described below.



To organize workshops and training sessions on IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applied to FIWARE for companies, entrepreneurs, professors and university students.

Technology Consulting

To advise companies and public administrations that want to know the new market solutions that allow them to be more competitive and offer better and more efficient services.

Dissemination talks

To give talks at congresses and other events to raise awareness among stakeholders and allow them to know the new technologies and solutions that are being developed and the need to upgrade to compete in an international market.


To help companies develop new solutions and/or update existing solutions to incorporate emerging technologies through FIWARE in the belief that open and standard technologies allow companies to compete in an international market.

FIWARE Certification Support

To help companies throughout the certification process of products and solutions in FIWARE, so that it can finally be advertised on the FIWARE Foundation Marketplace.

International Collaboration

Through the international FIWARE iHubs network, FIWARE Zone can meet the needs and solutions developed in other parts of the world and generate business opportunities for companies in Andalusia.

Access to European funds

To provide advice on European funding calls in the field of IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Although in many calls FIWARE technology is not a requirement, from FIWARE Zone we recommend the reuse of some of its components such as the CEF Context Broker.

Pilot deployment support

To promote the development of pilots through the challenges of open innovation (Challenges) that consists of launching a series of problems that public institutions are facing, to companies, entrepreneurs and universities to find solutions. The problems that are launched are selected from the proposals received by different public institutions (sponsors) that have no solution to the problem or the solution is not economically affordable.

A jury selects the best solution from the participants based on technical, economic and innovation criteria. The winning entity receives funds and technical support to develop the solution.

Testing Lab Enabler

To offer laboratories with real FIWARE Ready certified equipment to provide data on a FIWARE platform for the learning process, training sessions and workshops on IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

We deploy field devices in both city and crop and offer a real FIWARE platform for testing.

Business Generation Support

To help companies reach the market with actions aimed at improving their products and services and boosting their business, through the following activities:

  • Showroom: FIWARE Zone offers space in its centers to present the solutions developed by companies.
  • Connection with clients: FIWARE Zone has as objective that the companies generate business and employment, and one of its activities is to give to know the products and solutions that the companies develop to the possible clients that visit the centers.
  • Attendance at events and fairs. FIWARE Zone participates in different congresses and technology fairs both regional and international and facilitates the assistance of companies to present their solutions and success stories.


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