Álvaro Alonso

Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering, Assistant Professor at the Telematic Systems Engineering Department, School of Telecommunications Engineering. He is a Web HTML5 Videoconference and Cloud Computing expert. He is the author of several research articles and participates in a lot of Spanish and European research projects. His research interests include multi-conferencing systems in cloud computing, security, and IoT in the future Internet.


Daniel Villalba

Daniel Villalba is a Telecommunications engineer who has been connected to FIWARE Ecosystem since 2014 when he was product manager of ONE-GO, one of the first IoT Devices certified FIWARE Ready.

In 2016 he started to work in FIWARE Zone initiative (FIWARE iHub) where has developed different roles:
– Trainer: Teach NGSI API of Orion Context Broker, UL2.0 and JSON IoT Agents.
Consultant: IoT Product development and FIWARE Certification.
– Evangelist: Dissemination speech for municipalities and public administration authorities.

Since 2018 Daniel Villalba is FIWARE Tech Expert and vice-chairman of the FIWARE iHubs Committee.


Francisco de la Vega

Francisco de la Vega is the CTO of FICODES as well as FIWARE architect. Francisco held a Master of Science in Computer Science from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2015. Currently he is making his Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His main research interests focus on digital service management and monetization, automated revenue sharing and value chain aggregation. As researcher of the Computer Networks and Web Technologies Laboratory (CoNWeT Lab.) of UPM, he has been engaged since 2012 in several EU projects around the FIWARE platform, including FI-WARE and FI-CORE. He has been actively participating on the FIWARE Community initially as the FIWARE Business Framework GEs owner (Store, Marketplace, Repository, and Revenue Settlement and Sharing system), and later as the FIWARE/TMF Business API Ecosystem GE owner, which integrates the aforementioned GEs with standard TMForum technologies. He is member of the Data/API Management, Publication and Monetization FIWARE’s Technical Steering Committee. He is also co-founder of the Spanish startup FICODES.


Francisco Meléndez

Technical Expert & Evangelist, FIWARE Foundation

Francisco is a Technical Expert and Evangelist at the FIWARE Foundation. He holds a masters degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malaga (Spain) and is currently finishing a PhD in the field of robotics. Currently, the role of Francisco within the FIWARE Foundation is mainly focused on the development, integration and promotion of FIWARE Technologies in robotics domains.


Jason Fox

Jason Fox joined the FIWARE Foundation two years ago in the role of the Senior Technical Evangelist. He is a Software Engineer with over twenty years experience in mobile and IT having previously worked at Nokia and HERE Technologies. Jason’s current role encompasses the development and assessment of FIWARE Technologies and technical coaching and training.

Experienced Software Engineer with a history of working in the information technology, documentation and services industries. Strong engineering professional skilled in JavaScript, node.js, Java, Agile Methodologies, and DITA Open Toolkit.


Joaquín Salvachúa

Joaquín Salvachúa is Associate Professor at UPM, where he received the M.Sc., Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering. He is also FIWARE Technical Steering Committee member elected as Remarkable Individual. His research interests include advanced cloud and edge architectures, big data infrastructure, data privacy and usage control, NoSql databases, applications, and identity in blockchain.


Juanjo Hierro

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the FIWARE Foundation.

Also chairman of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee and coordinating FIWARE Tech Roadmap. Support the FIWARE Community in developing the vision and value proposition of FIWARE in the several domains where it is being applied.

I’m involved in activities of the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative which I helped to found. The OASC initiative (http://oascities.org) is aimed at creating a Digital Single Market for Smart Cities, based on the adoption of common mechanisms enabling interoperability of services in cities and their portability across cities.


Miguel Ángel Pedraza

As CTO of an Startup supported by a FIWARE Accelerator program, Miguel Angel Pedraza start working with FIWARE Technologies in 2014, with several solutions certified on the FIWARE Marketplace. In 2017 he join FIWARE Zone contributing as a FIWARE Tech Expert to the activities, training, and companies support in Smart Agro and Smart Cities sectors.